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California Proposition 65 Testing Program

Illini is thoroughly educated on not only the regulatory standards, but also the challenges that Proposition 65 poses to our customers. We routinely monitor the extensive and ever-growing list of chemicals recognized by the State of California. Illini evaluates each and every item based on its material composition for potential Prop 65 concerns. Using research on the item’s material composition, laboratory recommendation, & past cases involving that material, we determine which chemicals to test for. Should we test an item for Prop 65 and not receive passing results, we either change the material in order to obtain passing & compliant results, or discontinue the item. For current items, this process is completed upon reorder. For new items, this is included in initial product development.

Illini is in the process of transitioning our line to be 100% Prop 65 compliant so that ultimately no warning labels will be affixed to our products. As this transition is ongoing, a select few items may require labeling in the interim as a precaution. These labels are applied to each product, regardless of shipment destination. This stock is labeled in accordance with current Proposition 65 labeling requirements. This stock is exempt from new labeling regulations as the update does not apply to inventory existing prior to the August 30th 2018 effective date. Please click here for a current list of interim labeled items.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the peace-of-mind to confidently carry our products. To aid this confidence, testing information can be obtained from the product’s GCC’s on the Illini website, or from test reports furnished by the Illini Compliance Team.
Frequency: Prop 65 testing is conducted bi-annually, barring any material changes made to the item within this timeframe. Should a material change occur, the Compliance Team will immediately reevaluate the item for necessary testing. If inventory life exceeds this timeframe, Illini conducts third party testing upon the next inventory purchase order.

Illini Compliance Team
The Illini Compliance Team is committed to educating themselves, each other, and staff on a daily basis. Members participate in PPAI Webinars as well as attend the PPAI Product Safety Summit annually. Illini closely follows the protocols set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and PPAI Best Practices for Product Responsibility. Should you require more information or have additional questions, please contact Illini Product Compliance at